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Flat Bread Recipe

My Uncle Ron and Aunt Debbie sent me my chef outfit for this video. It continues to be useful for all of my chef recipe videos. Every time I put my outfit on, it snaps me into a silly chef character.



This is how we make our Matzah bread otherwise known as flat or pita bread. This bread works best with our organic sprouted wheat flour (link here) because it’s a heavy flour. We have made this bread for years and love the flavor! :)



3 Cups Sprouted Wheat Flour
1 Cup Water
2 Tbsp of Butter
1 Teaspoon of Salt



Mix until stretchy, flatten and bake for 15 minutes at around 350 degrees.



Only 4 ingredients! It is simple to make this nutritious and flavorful bread. No chemicals or preservatives added!


Top It

Tasty with cream cheese and chutney on top (see Chutney video).



Chef Shae
December 2012