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Homemade Egg Incubator



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Homemade Self Watering Container

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Simple Homemade Go-Cart



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Super Adobe Structure



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Rocket Stove Mass Heater



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Self Watering Container with Tires


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Simple Solar Food Dryer



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Homemade GOAT Kart





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My Little Homestead


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My Little Homestead t-shirt



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High Rise Gardening

THANK YOU Free T-Shirt Giveaway

We are not only reaching a milestone of 10,000 subscribers, but this is also our 100th Youtube video. We cannot even begin to express our gratitude for all the nice comments and support. Thank-You, Thank-You, Thank-You from the bottom of our hearts....Read More


High Rise Gardening


Provide housing for all those beneficial insects!


Check out all the creative insect accommodations made by gardeners around the world. ...See Pics


High Rise Gardening

IDEAS Growing Green Onions

We picked up a bag of starter onions. But, right before we planted them using a hugelkultur technique, we came across some new, interesting ideas. Here’s a plastic bottle with onions growing out of all sides: .../growing-onions-vertically-on-the-windowsill


And another using only a glass of water: .../how-to-grow-green-onions-indefinitely


With all these fun ideas we’re not sure which one to try. We will have to do them all and post a video of our results :)

High Rise Gardening

PROJECT Two Trucks in One!

Combining a 2000 Dodge Magnum 1500 Truck 5.9 Liter to a Dodge Magnum 2500 Truck of the Same Year


After many years of driving on our dirt road, the frame of our 1500 Dodge Magnum truck was falling apart. We found a 2500 Dodge Magnum with a good frame but a bad engine. We decided to combine both trucks to make one (they have the same engine). After we had it hauled to the house, we started the swap.....See Pics


High Rise Gardening

FLASHBACK Easy Homemade Chocolate Milk

All Natural with No Additives or Preservatives

I started making this when I was really young and still make it the same way. I also use it for my coffee creamer. It makes a great mocha....Watch


WATCH Bryson & Garen Build a LandSailer

How does a Landsailer Work?

The land sailer is pushed by the wind. It has a sail much like one on a windsurfer. However, the person on the land cart has a much different fall…


It has three wheels on it just like a three wheeler but with one difference. It's powered by the wind not an engine.


Building a Land Sailor

Finding the materials was the hardiest part of this building project. We have a large metal scrap pile that takes time to find all the bits and peices. My brother and I have lots of fun building weird moving things. ...Watch


Fermented Chicken Feed

POLITICS Raw Milk Freedom

Two Federal "Raw Milk Freedom" Bills Introduced


WASHINGTON, DC—(March 27, 2014)—Congressman Massie (R–KY), Chellie Pingree (D–ME) and a bipartisan coalition of 18 other lawmakers introduced legislation on March 26 to improve consumer food choices and to protect local farmers from federal interference. The two bills—the “Milk Freedom of Act of 2014” and the “Interstate Milk Freedom Act of 2014”—are the first in a series of “food freedom” bills that Rep. Massie plans to introduce this year. ...Read More

Fermented Chicken Feed

HOW-TO Make Your Own Sliding Barn Door for Cheap!

We are definitely making one of these! I love this type of door but they can be quite expensive. This simple how-to has great illustrations and instructions. Now, just to find an opening that needs a door. hmmm ...Check it Out!



Make Your Own Sliding Barn Door For Cheap!

Earthbag Superadobe Continuous Sandbags for Sale Thumbnail



WATCH Extra Earthbag Material For Sale

We have been making earthbag structures for a couple of years and now have purchased too much continuous sandbag material. We would like to offer the extra to those who are interested... Read More

How to DIY Handheld Milking Machine

DIY Greenhouses Made from Old Windows & Doors

In the final stages of building our greenhouse/fodder system, I am stumped on how to install the doors. Originally, we had planned to use shower doors but after building the brick pony wall and a “lean to” roof, the doors are too tall for the structure. I looked on the internet to see what others were building. I found all these really cool greenhouses made from old windows and doors. I am so inspired! Check it out: Greenhouses Made from Old Windows and Doors


I also like this one: Plastic Bottle Greenhouse. Although nothing deteriorates faster than plastic in the southwest. It does give me good ideas for using glass bottles :)

How to DIY Handheld Milking Machine

FLASHBACK Homemade Egg Incubator

One of our favorite projects when the kids were young was making homemade incubators. We have made several and I have to say, it is not for the faint of heart. Preceding our successes were multiple “learning experiences”. ...Read More


How to DIY Handheld Milking Machine

DIY Making a Handheld Milking Machine

The kids, mainly the girls, are our best milkers. They usually take turns from one day to the next milking the goats. But when all the kids are away, Gary and I panic. Who’s going to milk the goats? Unfortunately, milking goats require a few minor skills of which neither Gary or I posses. We could ask the kids to stay home but we want farm life to add, not take away from their lives. When we stumbled across this handheld milking idea, it was the perfect solution.


I wanted to buy it online but the boys were already designing plans to make one. The project took longer than we expected. We learned which vacuums don’t work before discovering which one does. ...Watch


Fermented Chicken Feed

HOW-TO Free Power - Converting an Old Washing Machine into a Water Generator

A guy turned a washing machine into a water generator. He lives off the grid and uses this generator to run his electricity. He doesn't need a lot of for his small home. He makes up to 900 watts and coverts the low voltage dc to ac. He runs a heater, toaster, and water heater but not all at once. Check it out ...Watch

NUZ Olympic Snowboarder Drops out, Putin Fixes It!

Breaking nuz on why Shaun dropped out from the Olympics Slope Style event!!! Putin like you have never seen him before. ...Watch


HOW-TO Fix a Macbook Pro Laptop with a Black Screen

My Macbook Pro decided to go and quit on me. The screen went black even though I could hear the mac running.  I needed a solution to fix it. I suspected it wasn't going to be easy. ...Watch


SCRIBLS Speed Pencil Art Drawing of a Young Woman

I started a YouTube channel called Scribls. My first video is inspired by speed art done by other YouTubers. The young woman in this drawing isn’t anyone specific. I love drawing eyes and therefore, a face is needed XD




Square foot garden idea

SQUARE FOOT GARDEN IDEA Growing 100 Pounds of Potatoes

You don't have to live in the country to produce abundant garden crops. People are discovering and sharing ways to yield big in small spaces. Here's a clever How-to on growing 100 pounds of potatoes in 4 square feet. (A step-by-step, DIY tutorial is provided.) ...Click to Read


Fermented Chicken Feed

IDEA Paper Bag Flooring - A Step by Step Tutorial

We are constantly looking for fresh building ideas that are easy to install. We found “Paper Bag Floor” on Facebook as a post from a friend. The tutorial is written well with step by step instructions and commentary as a the flooring is installed. This is a great way to cover a concrete floor.


Give this a read. We think it is beautiful and fairly easy to install. ...Click to Read


Fermented Chicken Feed

WATCH Making Rabbit Hamburger (& Bonemeal for Dog/Cat Food)

We purchased grass fed beef by the “fill a large freezer” load from a small farmer when we lived in the city. Moving to the country was our opportunity to raise our own animals. We have raised several steer, hogs and goats but when it comes time for butchering, off to the meat packing plant they go. The smaller animals such as turkey, chicken or rabbit, we reluctantly render ourselves....Click to Read More


High Rise Gardening

FLASHBACK Rendering Lard/Tallow Recipe

We researched how to render lard a few years ago and wanted to share it. It can also be used with beef tallow.


Our hog was grass fed so he was leaner but the resulting lard has more nutrients. Here is a video of the process ...Watch


NUZ Behind the Scenes SuperBowl 2014 Highlights!

Have you ever wondered what happens behind the scenes of the Super Bowl? You're in luck. We have exclusive, behind the scenes, Superbowl footage that will blow your mind!!! This also includes a once in a lifetime interview with a government agent about the huge amount of stadium security. ...Watch


Fermented Chicken Feed

IDEA Fermented Chicken Feed!

What a great and simple idea to keep your flock of chickens healthy! If you are looking for some money saving, nutritional feed, check out the article, "Fermented Feed" from It explains the added nutrients that come with fermentation along with several other benefits. ...Click to Read More


High Rise Gardening

High on Gardens

Paris (AFP) - Imagine stepping out of your highrise apartment into a sunny, plant-lined corridor, biting into an apple grown in the orchard on the fourth floor as you bid "good morning" to the farmer off to milk his cows on the fifth.


You take the lift to your office, passing the rice paddy and one of the many gardens housed in the glass edifice that not only heats and cools itself, but also captures rainwater and recirculates domestic waste as plant food. ...Read More


NUZ True Story? Man Goes Through Car Windshield Unnoticed- Get the Latest News!

What would you do if you hit someone with your car? Probably not what this man form Wisconsin did. The gentleman who got hit was on his three wheeled bicycle doing his paper rout. When out of no where a car plowed right in to the his bike. He had no idea that delivering paper could be so hazardous to his health. Watch our short animation that tells the story from the prospective of the paper man's view. ...Watch


IDEA 3D Printer To The Moon!

As you may guessed by now, MyLittleHomestead likes to offer ideas from a synthesis of other ideas. Here is a brilliant idea I want to pass on to those who appreciate the different.


I was recently surfing the net for inspiration when I came across an article that show cases 2 ideas we love: Alternative Building and 3D printers. This concept has been around for a while but it makes more of an impact knowing that 3D printers are available to the general public.


Take a look at this article and let us know when you would like to move to the moon. ...Read More


Gary Curtis

NUZ Breaking News on Fukashima Radiation Exposure on California Beach!

Are you concerned about the disastrous impact of the Fukushima radiation meltdown? We are. Dad and I have always had an interest in animation and art. We started a new channel, "Nuzimation". Check out the new animation that puts a spin on the news. The first video concerns the Fukushima radiation affecting our US beaches. ...Watch


IDEA DIY Solar Collector made from Soda Cans

Here's a great idea for using aluminum soda cans to make a solar panel. In this video, a small office gathers heat from a convection style heating source. Check it out.



Hazmat Suit

The Surprising Nutritional Value of Whole Grains

Simple Protection against Radiation Exposure

With the scare of radiation exposure from Fukushima now possibly coming to America and the west coast in particular, it’s a good time to promote the importance of whole grains. Eating these healthy morsels is a simple way to protect your body from the danger of radiation poisoning.


Japanese patients in a hospital located 1 mile from the bombing of Japan in 1945, survived the blast, but not radiation sickness. Dr. Akizuki fed the staff and patients a diet of whole grains and subsequently saved everyone in his hospital when others perished ...Read More

WATCH A Pot to Heat In…

Human ingenuity is unending - and now there is a venue to share it with the world. Gotta love youtube!


Here is a clever way to inexpensively heat a small room. It’s posted by YouTuber, KeepTurningLeft, called "Heating Your Home Office for 8 Pence a Day". ...Read More


WATCH Brick Fence Made with CHEAP Homemade Mortar

We decided a few years ago we would avoid building anything with straight lines if possible. Our fence is no exception. Of course not having property lines to follow makes it a bit more doable.


Our fenced area is a large section that winds it’s way around the back courtyard starting at one side of the house and eventually making its way around to the other side. It's about an acre in size that is carved out of the 10 acre property. Living in the Southwest, we consider the courtyard an extension of our home. ...Read More


FLASHBACK Privacy Fence with Metal Art

Our outdoor shower structure is made of up of connected metal panels in a nautilus shape. So, when we decided on a back courtyard and needed a section of privacy fence, we started with the piles of corrugated metal. We continued the metal fencing off the shower and worked our way using a serpentine pattern around the courtyard. ...Read More


FLASHBACK Rotary Soil Sifter Idea

Wanting to use the natural resources around us for building materials, we looked to the wash. We can find everything from sand and fallen branches to deteriorating tires and whatever else the rushing water delivers during the monsoon season.


The harvested sand comes with larger rocks intermixed. Sifting sand by hand is a futile task for the amounts we need for things such as cob, mortar, and lime plaster. ...Read More


BOOK REVIEW Stormbreaker by Anthony Horowitz

After reading The House of Hades (Heroes of Olympus, Book 4) by Rick Riordan, I started looking for a book that was just as action packed. I was surprised to find the book, Stormbreaker, that reached beyond my expectations and it was a spy book!


This book took place in modern day France and England. ...Read More



Organic Herbal Mint Extract

WATCH "I Saw Three Ships" Christmas Cover

It’s Christmas time again! What better way to get into the Holiday spirit than singing some tunes!


The band got together to decide what cover we should take on this year. We debated on a few but, we soon settled on this one. That Irish feel is our favorite sound. What’s an Irish tune without the groove of an old fashion fiddle? ...Read More

Organic Herbal Mint Extract

WATCH Homemade Mint Extract Recipe with Chef Shae

Our "Green Thumb" neighbor, Kenny, let us harvest some mint from his large mint patch. We added the mint to a quarter gallon jar. With a cup of Vodka we let it set for a a little more then three weeks in a dark cool place. ...Read More

HOW TO Make a Self Watering Pot for a Small Christmas Tree

Benefits of Self Watering
- Plant regulates its own water intake

- Nutrients are not lost as dramatically through the soil through water flowing top to bottom

- Healthy, long living plants

- Don’t have to water as often

- Keep your Christmas tree healthy while waiting for the opportunity to plant it at its permanent spot!



- Potted Christmas tree approximately 2' tall

- Old 5 Gallon bucket with lid

- Plastic Paint ...Read More

Christmas Original & Cover Tunes by Little Homestead Country Band


We had so much fun putting this Christmas EP together and what a learning experience! I mean, I’ve worked with ProTools before but this was different. I wanted every track to be as perfect as possible. But every album or EP in this case, needs to begin somewhere.


Shae and I started remaking several traditional Christmas songs in hopes of bringing them a fresh new Little Homestead feel. Unfortunately, we had way too many so we had to cut back on quite a few. I guess we got a little carried away. But, in the end, we had three we were happy with, God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen (a beachy style), Away In The Manger, and Gloria. However, we were missing something very important, an original!... More


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